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Hello fancy readers, I figure that I’ll kick off this crusty dusty blog section of my website with an informative article. An article about the purpose and goals of Aniclay and then a little bit about myself. On the interwebs I prefer to go by Cross. And sometimes I’ll add different variations of words after it like “yuuki” or “yuno”. Just weeaboo things. My first job was as a diesel mechanic for the Air Force. After 6 years in, I got out and started my own Ecommerce business out of a rented room. Ran that for a few years until selling all inventory and going into a dark few years of reclusion that I don’t feel like talking about here (it’s irrelevant to Aniclay and bad vibes lol). I’m now living with my amazing girlfriend and savior and ready to start some things back up; in the internet marketing industry.

My girlfriend recently introduced me to polymer clay because she thought it might be a good stress reliever and she also used to make clay charms herself. We went to our favorite Joann’s and caused multiple scenes and ruckeses in the store isles as usual and then I bought myself a variety pack of Sculpey clay. The pack had like 15 different colors and was only $17 so I thought that was pretty good deal. I could start squishing together multiple little cute (ideally) doods.

I was also just looking for a new hobby as well. Because watching anime, web design, and stock trading aren’t exactly the most blood pumping of hobbies. I’m getting into running much more lately so that’s another good hobby I’ve acquired.

Back to the clay, after seeing examples my girlfriend had showed to me of what’s possible, I envisioned myself turning so many of my goofy ideas into reality using polymer clay as a vessel. If you have any polymer clay ideas that fit the goofy and out of the box niche then please contact me and I’ll make it happen for you.

That is basically where I want to go with this project once I acquire the skills to freely make whatever the heck I want using my own personal style. For now, I am just having fun with it and learning more about the inner and outer workings of polymer clay every day. In that same vein, I’ll be constantly making new blog posts with images included that’ll show my progress and development. This is just as much for me if not more, than for whoever else decides they want to read this. Once I think of more polymer clay ideas, you will find a new blog post posted quickly after that. I want to make something that I can actually be proud of.

You might be wondering about the homepage and why it features a product available for purchase. That’s because I will always have one polymer clay item up for sale at all times. It’ll be the thing that I’m currently in love with the most. Or even something that I’ve sold before that other people seem to like. All funds will be going directly back into the website, whether it’s hosting, domain renewal, back links, or giveaways.

Here’s the very first thing that I made when my amazing girlfriend and I returned from Joann’s. I Google image searched up a picture of Ace’ its hat, from the anime One Piece.

It was much harder than I thought it would be to create the shape of a hat. It kept tearing holes, I had to keep re-rolling it, some sides had more clay on them than the others etc. I’m kind of a perfectionist and I don’t see that as a good thing in many cases, and maybe that applies to creating lil foods with polymer clay as well. I also learned about how important it is to clean your hands in between using different colors of clay. My bright orange turned into a muddy poop color by the time I was finished.I probably messed with the shape of that for 45 minutes while I was just sitting there watching South Park. I also realized that many everyday object can function as great clay sculpting tools. As I was playing with the hat there, a bunch of polymer clay ideas kept jumping into my mind. Honestly I’d like to keep them to myself and see if I can surprise any readers. I’d cry if anyone were to read this blog, to be honest.

Here’s an image of my variety pack of polymer clay:

My workspace will keep upgrading itself over time. Well, I’ll upgrade it, it won’t be growing a consciousness like a transformer or anything I hope. I’m super excited to just git good. I really want to make a huge variety of cute and dope rings. Like, an emo ostrich ring sounds pretty great. I’ll be ending this post soon and getting to work, though. I made it so that anyone is able to make an account and comment, so yeah if you have any sort of polymer clay ideas for me then slippity-slide into the comment section! And it’s not even work, playing with polymer clay is so far such a relaxing experience.

See you on the next update love y’all’s (can you even type that like that lol!).

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